Walmart Christmas Catalog

Some people just like having a physical, printed catalog around at Christmas time. This year it is 56 pages front to back and guides you with some of the most fun and have-to-have gifts. Brand name toys and games along with stickers and even a neat Scan & Shop Feature.

This years catalog is full of all sorts of great ideas for those hard to buy for ages and the hottest toys that kids will love. Lego, Star Wars, Hot Wheels and more.

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You can also find the gift list from the catalog directly on their website, Click Here

Traditional Marketing Through Direct Mail from Walmart

For a few years now, Walmart has been doing Direct Mail of their Holiday Catalog. I haven’t been able to confirm for just how long or the quantity of their mailings, but I have personally seen them send direct mail in the past so this is not new territory for them. To compete with Amazon, they have vastly accelerated their ecommerce and even come out with a competitor to Prime called Walmart Plus.

No telling how it will stand up to the #1 ecommerce platform, but time will provide the answer.

The catalog of course is full of the big brands.

  • Lego
  • Fischer-Price
  • LOL Surprise
  • Barbie
  • Crayola
  • Nerf
  • Star Wars
  • Marvel
  • XBOX

Scan & Shop Feature from Walmart

For a printed catalog, they really tried to bring the reader online in some interesting ways. Right on the front page is a logo letting you know there is a Scan & Shop feature on every page. While I am not as familiar with Walmart as some, I read a little more and did some digging.

When you download the Walmart APP to your phone or tablet, you find a feature for bar code scanning that also works as an image recognition. When you scan the image on the page, it finds the product. I did a quick test to see the results.

From a Digital Marketers perspective, any way that you can get consumers from the real world to your ecommerce platform is a win.

Walmart Wonder Lab

Within the catalog they also showcase a new website that launched back in September of this year.

This is an interactive platform that allows children and adults to check out and virtually engage with toys online. It allows them to see how they look from a 360° perspective, initiate pieces to move and open as well as other related hands on actions without actually physically holding it. I imagine with COVID, far fewer kids and parents have been checking these toys out and unlike a video you might see on YouTube, this VR allows you to initiate the actions rather than just passively watching.

As far as digital marketing is concerned, this is a great conversion tool. Adding to your list and then checking out without having to go to third party sites to see it in action. It is a virtual one stop shop.

I recently wrote a post about the Amazon catalog and while I found the quality of printing to be better from them, I think the Walmart Christmas catalog has a lot more to offer. Considering that they have physical locations and ecommerce. You can go to their store, order online for curbside pickup and likely get some last minute items late on December 24. This catalog will likely drive more revenue per printed piece than their competitor.

If you’d like to check out the Amazon catalog, I have written an article about this one as well.

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