Workshops for Small Business

Interactive courses for you and your team

Workshops for you and your employees are the most effective way to increase knowledge within your team and put theory into practice. People often watch endless hours of videos on YouTube or join online webinars that display tactics and strategies that inspire your everyone within your organization only to realize weeks or months after that interest was lost and none of these ideas were ever actually put into practice.

This is why many companies usually hire a director of marketing or sales manager who sets strategy and manages the team to make sure that these strategies are executed upon. The problem is that most small businesses can’t afford a senior level manager and so they miss out on all of the opportunities that are available to them.

This program of online workshops is interactive and will help everyone build out a custom strategy that is geared toward the strengths of your employees and provides accountability. Each month you will be reviewing work that has been done and everyone will continue learning best practices and keep getting better.