Networking Events for Small Businesses in Raleigh and the Triangle

Small businesses definitely have had their challenges over the last two years. This has required a lot of creativity and hard work from business owners and they should definitely be given a lot of credit.

While the way many conduct business has shifted from curbside delivery to work from home, a lot of the basics have not changed. Businesses still need to get the word out and get new customers. Luckily this area has had a long history of supporting local businesses and these times have been no different.

Business owners still network and help eachother, albeit much of it has moved online in virtual environments. While this may not stay the case for much longer the fact still remains there are lots of ways for business startups and veteran business owners to still get the word out.

Here is a list of businesses here in Raleigh and all around the Triangle of business networking groups where small businesses are welcomed.

Business groups in Raleigh, NC

Everyone is familiar with the Chamber of Commerce and there are a few on this list. To get a sense of the growth in this area, not too long ago Raleigh had a second one that started. One of the more solid choices for networking no matter what area you are in.


The North Raleigh Chamber of Commerce is fairly new but definitely developing a strong following. Check them out if you do business on the local area. There is a cost to join but some events are free.


The Raleigh Chamber of Commerce has been a force of nature when it comes to networking and helping local businesses. They offer quite a bit for members and many events. There is a cost to join but some events are free.

With over 2,000 members, The Raleigh Small Business Owners Group has continued to provide for their members even during the pandemic where in person events have been very limited. These events are free to attend.

vend raleigh logo

For women owned businesses, their is Vend Raleigh. They have over 3,000 members and many ways to help businesses get to get started.

beer and seo logo

Beer & SEO is a meetup group for people who are running their own small business or are just wanting to learn more about search engine optimization and marketing.

raleigh seo meetup logo

For over ten years, this Meetup group has been providing digital marketing education to the Raleigh Business Community. This group has embraced the online events and provided an open community through Discord for those that need immediate help.

bni triangle logo

BNI is all about lead sharing. It is a well know and established organization. Good networking but there is an expectation that these members do business together and that you have to bring leads to meetings. You will also receive leads. The membership has a low cost, but worth checking out especially for businesses looking to grow.

raleigh buildings

Marketing Advice for Small Businesses is an online community of businesses discussion, seo and website topics. It is free to join.

linking the triangle logo

Linking the Triangle is a well known group that before 2020, used to have very active, in person networking meetings. You can still get involved through their online group.

Raleigh Business Networking Group

Raleigh Business Networking Group is for business networking and referrals, collaboration & joint ventures & word of mouth advertising.

rockstar connect logo

Rockstar Connect has numerous groups in cities across the country and puts on great live networking events for small business owners called Three Martini Lunches.

Business groups in Apex, NC

apex chamber logo

The Apex Chamber of Commerce located right in the downtown area has a loyal bunch of business owners and great networking opportunities.

apex small business network logo

The Apex Small Business Network may have stopped live meetings, but they still stay active.

Business groups in Cary, NC

cary chamber commerce logo

The Cary Chamber of Commerce has been an established organization for years and continues to be one of the most active Chambers in the area. Check out one of their events and you will see why they have so many members.

cary leads group

The Cary Leads Group has been an active networking membership for years and continues their meetings online.

business beers meetup logo

Although not active during these Covid months, this group is well known and a lot of fun. Check out their Meetup and when activities pick up, you’ll see the invite.

Business groups in Wake Forest, NC

femcity logo

Femcity is a women’s networking membership group that hosts events in Wake Forest. They do charge for monthly membership.

Business groups in Franklin County, NC

franklin county chamber logo

Franklin County is a thriving area just north of Raleigh and has a lot to offer. They are also a very active business community.