SEO Workshops For Teams

Search engine optimization training

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Active Learning

In this series of interactive workshops, you will learn how to analyze your current rankings and develop a strategy that is custom to your business. Everyone will be shown how to do their own keyword research, utilize online SEO tools, create content for the website and go through easy link building exercises.

Together we will set up Google Search Console, Analytics, and create online dashboards for tracking and monitoring progress. Over time you will feel more comfortable analyzing your results and how to continually look for new opportunities and ways to win against your competitors in Google search results.

Search engine optimization is a combination of quality content, authoritative backlinks and confirming that your website is technically sound. Each of these elements will be completely explained while being provided examples of each so you can learn while doing.

What to expect from these courses

For the first month, there will be a weekly video call of 90 minutes. This allows us to go through all of the elements of SEO and start planning a strategy that matches your business goals. After these four weeks, we will meet monthly to review progress on assigned work, evaluate opportunities and create new tasks to be completed.

There will also be monthly trainings made available that include participants from other companies. These will be topics on some of the more advanced strategies of SEO that can help deepen your understanding of other tactics.

In between these sessions, you can ask questions via email or even request a short one on one session to help troubleshoot a task you are trying to complete.

There will also be a private Slack group that will allow you and other members to ask questions and even collaborate with each other if you’d like.

At the end of this course, you will have a marketing team that is able to execute on the marketing plan and will continue learning and improving and now has the experience from working on your actual projects.

SEO tools you will learn to use

Google Search Console

Google My Business Listings

Google Analytics

Google Trends


Screaming Frog

Answer the Public

Social Media Business Profiles

Site Operators



SEO Team Training

This is hands-on experience that your team members will receive. Logging in, setting up projects and going through a step by step process that will educate your employees to go from beginner to intermediate digital marketers in no time.

What are the next dates?

There are no set dates because these training’s are for your team and scheduled around your availability. We can even set up these online courses for a Saturday.

Where are these training conducted?

These trainings will be provided via video meetings through Zoom. We can share screens and these meetings will be completely interactive.

Can I have the recordings of these meetings?

All intellectual property including the recordings belong to the business owner and can be used to share with new hires or as a refresher for your team.

How is this course different than others?

This isn’t a webinar where you get a PowerPoint presentation and join to go over a generic strategy and are joined by people from other companies and industries. This is meant to teach you how to do SEO for your own business and learn from an expert with over 12 years in the industry has developed strategies for hundreds of businesses.

Let’s get on a call to do a quick audit of your website together, talk about your goals and see if this program is right for your business.