Checking my mailbox this year, I was pleasantly surprised to see something different. It seems Amazon sends out a printed Toy catalog. After a little research, I find out this is the second year they have done so.

Find the gifts in the catalog on Amazon Right Here

amazon 2019 Play Together Catalog cover

As so much of marketing has moved to digital, quite a bit of attention has been pulled away from traditional marketing. Because of this, some very few companies have delved back into direct mail, printed magazines and, like, printed Christmas Toy Catalogs.

With the overwhelming amount of dollars Amazon spends on their website, email and online paid ad campaigns, it is not as if the organization is putting a big dent in their marketing budget by mailing consumers a 90 page printed magazine. I for one like the nostalgia of receiving something that I remember from my childhood.

You can find a scanned copy of the booklet here in PDF format.

As a child I recall names like JC Penney, Sears and Spiegels. These thick glossy covered magazines were chock full of everything a family could want from tools to clothes and especially Toys. By the time I received it, it had already been gone through a few times by other family members with dog eared pages, rips and tears as well as many items circled with ink.

Now by no means do I think that Amazon will reap massive sales from an outdated form of marketing, but it definitely catches the attention of some of us older “kids” and maybe ended up building their brand awareness for someone like me.

What is in the catalog?

First off it starts with a thick stock “Wish List” that let’s kids fill in their favorites. Next you move into some of the most well known brands. LEGO, Hot Wheels, Melissa & Doug and others. And of course these are cross branded with well known icons from movies such as Star Wars and Frozen.

Old reliables such as Mickey and Monopoly right along with Pokémon. And just when you aren’t expecting it, some stickers show up for the kids. All in all, it certainly makes for some great gift ideas.

The only opinion I have on the effectiveness of this direct mail campaign is that I do not have any children. But no matter, I must know some kids to buy for this year.

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