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The Target Toy Catalog Is Now Available

The stores have come out with their Christmas promotions and now the 2021 Target catalog is here. There are 88 pages and it is jam packed with holiday gifts for all ages. They may have these in the stores, but I am unsure if you can request one be mailed. If you would like ot have one, you can download the PDF below and print.

target catalog 2021 cover
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You can also find their top toys list directly on their website, Click Here

What is in the Catalog

This years catalog has all of the brands that you would expect. Nintendo, Lego, Barbie and even some from FAO Schwarz. But they also have some educational items like books and National Geographic projects and kits for learning from Osmo.

Not sure if they do it every year, but they do have a nice giveback for Toys for Tots. For every toy purchased, Target will donate $2 to Toys for Tots up to $1 Million.

toys for tots page target catalog

Like Walmart, Target definitely has the added plus of being able to pick up the items at their store locations or online. We will see how well they do this year in the time of Covid.

If you’d like to check out the Amazon catalog, I have written an article about this one as well.

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Walmart 2021 Printed Toy Catalog Has Shipped

Walmart Christmas Catalog

Some people just like having a physical, printed catalog around at Christmas time. This year it is 56 pages front to back and guides you with some of the most fun and have-to-have gifts. Brand name toys and games along with stickers and even a neat Scan & Shop Feature.

This years catalog is full of all sorts of great ideas for those hard to buy for ages and the hottest toys that kids will love. Lego, Star Wars, Hot Wheels and more.

Download the pdf to print.

For marketers, permission is given to utilize this PDF. Please attribute this website.

You can also find the gift list from the catalog directly on their website, Click Here

Traditional Marketing Through Direct Mail from Walmart

For a few years now, Walmart has been doing Direct Mail of their Holiday Catalog. I haven’t been able to confirm for just how long or the quantity of their mailings, but I have personally seen them send direct mail in the past so this is not new territory for them. To compete with Amazon, they have vastly accelerated their ecommerce and even come out with a competitor to Prime called Walmart Plus.

No telling how it will stand up to the #1 ecommerce platform, but time will provide the answer.

The catalog of course is full of the big brands.

  • Lego
  • Fischer-Price
  • LOL Surprise
  • Barbie
  • Crayola
  • Nerf
  • Star Wars
  • Marvel
  • XBOX

Scan & Shop Feature from Walmart

For a printed catalog, they really tried to bring the reader online in some interesting ways. Right on the front page is a logo letting you know there is a Scan & Shop feature on every page. While I am not as familiar with Walmart as some, I read a little more and did some digging.

When you download the Walmart APP to your phone or tablet, you find a feature for bar code scanning that also works as an image recognition. When you scan the image on the page, it finds the product. I did a quick test to see the results.

From a Digital Marketers perspective, any way that you can get consumers from the real world to your ecommerce platform is a win.

Walmart Wonder Lab

Within the catalog they also showcase a new website that launched back in September of this year.

This is an interactive platform that allows children and adults to check out and virtually engage with toys online. It allows them to see how they look from a 360° perspective, initiate pieces to move and open as well as other related hands on actions without actually physically holding it. I imagine with COVID, far fewer kids and parents have been checking these toys out and unlike a video you might see on YouTube, this VR allows you to initiate the actions rather than just passively watching.

As far as digital marketing is concerned, this is a great conversion tool. Adding to your list and then checking out without having to go to third party sites to see it in action. It is a virtual one stop shop.

I recently wrote a post about the Amazon catalog and while I found the quality of printing to be better from them, I think the Walmart catalog has a lot more to offer. Considering that they have physical locations and ecommerce. You can go to their store, order online for curbside pickup and likely get some last minute items late on December 24. This catalog will likely drive more revenue per printed piece than their competitor.

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The New 2021 Amazon Toy Catalog has started to Arrive

Ready, Set, Play is the theme this year

amazon ready, set, play cover

For the past few years, Amazon has been mailing out a printed toy catalog for the holiday season. For those that know about it, it is often sought after. Since Amazon does not yet have a mechanism for ordering it, residents seem to be randomly selected to receive this publication.

If you are looking to get your hands on one of these booklets, the best recommendation is to post on your social media and ask if anyone in your neighborhood or nearby has received one but has no need for it. It worked for me.

If you are looking to find the full list of toys from the Wish Book, you will find them on the link below on the Amazon Toy List page.

Many consumers have been seeking physical copies. If you have not received a printed book in the mail, you can click the link below to download a printable PDF. Keep in mind that it is 99 pages of shopping and fun activities for kids, but this could take a toll on your home printer. But some people just like having a printed copy for the kids.

As for the catalog itself, I have taken a look at it and has some great new things for kids and projects for families. To say that this is a toy catalog is every bit true. It is jam packed with the hottest brands and lots of gift ideas.

But there are also a whole bunch of activities and fun items. A hand written wish list, holiday post card, color by number crayon page. But from a marketing perspective, it provides all sorts of interaction and creativity.

To start with, most pages make use of QR codes to take people directly to the products on that page through the Amazon APP. This makes for convenience of shopping.

I was pleasantly surprised to run across a page dedicated to products that introduce children to coding. Within all of the princess and dinosaur products, there were many themes of learning. I just wasn’t expecting to find this but what a wonderful addition.

hands-on creative coding amazon catalog
Teaching kids on starting to code

I also don’t often talk about sustainable ideas, but thought this was truly a great idea. Showing kids how to get a second use out of something as common as a cardboard box. While Amazon has provided a great holiday project, I would like to think this will spark their imaginations and to find use for those boxes year round in even more creative ways.

For those that have not received the catalog, you can still enjoy the fun since they have a link to the project here online.

winter pals amazon catalog
Cardboard Holiday Project

Now let’s talk online engagement

This year an augmented reality adventure has been included. You can either use your phone camera or table and scan the QR code. This will launch a feature to bring a beautiful and creative as well as interactive world to overlay on your visual camera display. I have not gone through its entirety but included a few screen shots of what getting started looks like.

If you do not have the catalog, you can follow the link below to take you there.

Be sure to check out a quick video showcasing the print version and have a great holiday.

The 2020 Amazon Christmas Catalog

Joy Delivered 2020 Amazon Catalog Cover
For marketers, permission is given to utilize this PDF. Please attribute this website.

You can also find the gift list from the catalog right on Click Here

This years catalog is full of all sorts of great ideas and the hottest toys that kids will love. Lego, Star Wars, Hot Wheels and more.

How to Get an Amazon Toy Catalog

As of this time, there is no way to request a catalog. As we continue our research, we will update this post. But for the time being a limited number are mailed and there does not seem to be a way to have one shipped to your home upon request.

2019 Amazon Catalog

Checking my mailbox this year, I was pleasantly surprised to see something different. It seems Amazon sends out a printed Toy catalog. After a little research, I find out this is the second year they have done so.

amazon 2019 Play Together Catalog cover

As so much of marketing has moved to digital, quite a bit of attention has been pulled away from traditional marketing. Because of this, some very few companies have delved back into direct mail, printed magazines and, like, printed Christmas Toy Catalogs.

With the overwhelming amount of dollars Amazon spends on their website, email and online paid ad campaigns, it is not as if the organization is putting a big dent in their marketing budget by mailing consumers a 90 page printed magazine. I for one like the nostalgia of receiving something that I remember from my childhood.

You can find a scanned copy of the booklet here in PDF format.

As a child I recall names like JC Penney, Sears and Spiegels. These thick glossy covered magazines were chock full of everything a family could want from tools to clothes and especially Toys. By the time I received it, it had already been gone through a few times by other family members with dog eared pages, rips and tears as well as many items circled with ink.

Now by no means do I think that Amazon will reap massive sales from an outdated form of marketing, but it definitely catches the attention of some of us older “kids” and maybe ended up building their brand awareness for someone like me.

What is in the catalog?

First off it starts with a thick stock “Wish List” that let’s kids fill in their favorites. Next you move into some of the most well known brands. LEGO, Hot Wheels, Melissa & Doug and others. And of course these are cross branded with well known icons from movies such as Star Wars and Frozen.

Old reliables such as Mickey and Monopoly right along with Pokémon. And just when you aren’t expecting it, some stickers show up for the kids. All in all, it certainly makes for some of the best Christmas gift ideas.

The only opinion I have on the effectiveness of this direct mail campaign is that I do not have any children. But no matter, I must know some kids to buy for this year.