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I am Rob Delory and those who know me can tell you about my obsession for digital marketing. For over ten years I have been working with businesses to improve their search engine optimization and website design. Originally from up North, I have called the Raleigh area my home for almost twenty years. This has given me a solid understanding of the local business community, which is why I focus heavily on North Carolina to find my clients.

Knowing the local competition my customers face and what marketing tactics are effective in this area are the reasons my clients have found success in working with me.

The internet is a constantly changing landscape and one of the reasons I believe in promoting a continuous learning mindset for myself and others in digital marketing. This is why I spend time learning from experts in this field and teaching when I can. It is why I co-founded a local Meetup Group created for the purpose of continued education, called Beer & SEO.

This is a practice that carries over to my working relationship with customers. I am a consultant and an educator. I strive to be a resource for my clients to provide clarity in an industry that is sometimes known for being less than transparent.

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We are an affordable SEO agency located here in Raleigh with the experience to help your website rank higher in the search engines.

Google search results are the number one place to be found and each day consumers are searching for your services and products. Let us help you get in front of them. Through evaluating your content, conducting keyword research, improving your website for technical issues and developing a plan to build quality backlinks, we can help you achieve your goals.

What We Offer

Search engine optimization is all about providing answers. Whenever a person types in a query, they are essentially asking the search engine a question. If you want to be in the top results, you better have good answers.

Keyword research is essential in determining the questions that people are asking that are relevant to your business, and making sure that your website pages are the ones that the search engines will choose.

This is done through content creation, overall organization of the information, backlink building and addressing technical elements for onsite optimization within your site.

SEO takes time and effort. Even though organic traffic from Google is free, there are hours of effort and planning that go into getting a website to the first page of Google for competitive searches. Since results from changes can take time, it can be months before improvements can be measured and recommendations of next steps can be made based upon those results. I have found that most projects benefit from an ongoing engagement.

My clients usually spend anywhere from $1,000 to $2,000 per month for my services. This can vary by how aggressive the goals are and how competitive the keyword terms may be. Long term contracts are not required, just first and last months payment upfront thereby ensuring a thirty day notice if my customers wish to change agencies.

For clients that just want a simple once a year refresh of content and overall optimization, our project work is often between $4,000 and $8,000. An engagement like this can take about two months and consists of mostly on site optimization and updating the content strategy.

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Typical 2 month project engagement

Why Choose QuickSilver

Over the years I have sat down with thousands of businesses and conducted research with them to determine what marketing techniques they have been employing that have brought them success and together we have developed new strategic plans to increase their businesses moving forward. This experience in analysis has provided me with a great deal of insight for what works and what does not. I have provided these strategies to hundreds of my own clients and other businesses.

Many of my own clients have consistently been in the top of their markets and we have had extensive, ongoing business relationships that have lasted for years. We have been through many challenges together from algorithm changes to economic downturns.

There are no mysteries to SEO since all of the answers are already available online. My clients receive full transparency of the work they receive and there are no uncertainties about what tasks are being performed or why. Clients own each piece of intellectual property created on their behalf and all passwords are provided for any online profiles associated with their account.

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How We Get Results For Our Clients

To be at the top of Google your website pages have to be relevant and considered to be good content.

Relevancy comes from research in knowing what people are searching for and providing it. Written words are important, but also visuals, documents, and sometimes simple tools, depending upon the circumstance. In working with clients, I research what the top competitors are providing and make websites a better resource. In doing so, I ensure that if a visitor lands on their page, they will find it more useful and informative than the others.

Getting the message across to search engines that your content is good, is paying attention to signals that Google uses to make these types of determinations. Backlinks are one of the strongest signals to Google and because of this, it is a big focus of mine.

There are limitless opportunities of websites that can link to yours, it just takes work and time to make it happen. Whether they are linking to you because of your brand name or because one of your blog posts was very informative, these links are the currency of the internet and can drive your website to the top of the search results faster than any other organic strategy.

Overall, I look at a website and its performance, the competing sites in the rankings and what keyword phrases you should be ranking for. Determining what it will take to achieve these results; whether it is more written content, backlinks, videos, improving site speed, is the secret to success.

Want to learn more about how my company can help your business rank better in search engines?

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