Raleigh List of Top Keywords

Whenever the topic of keywords come up, people are always curious to know what people are searching for in Google. While there is a lot of data to discern when putting together an SEO plan, sometimes it is just interesting to look at the raw information.

Data derived from Ahrefs.com on December 9, 2020I was able to run a simple request and that was for all keyword searches utilizing the keyword term – Raleigh. Below you will find the top 500 results.

Now, to be fair, there were a few keywords that I chose to redact because they had no value to this post and because I did not feel appropriate to publish. My blog, my rules.

raleigh searches
These searches occur nationwide. Many are googling here in the city so there is a high concentration while others are searching Raleigh specific terms from all across the country.

What I find endlessly interesting, and maybe because I am an SEO geek, is some of these terms come out of nowhere because of news stories and recent events while others are perennial and have been apart of these related terms for years.

It is also a good lesson in Local SEO. For example, you can see that some services and stores, people are constantly adding the specific addendum “raleigh” because they know exactly what they want. From Craigslist, to weather and even the news they wish to consume.

Some notable items:

  • “raleigh” all by itself, shows up at number 5
  • “raleigh weather” has twice the amount of searches as “weather raleigh”
  • “city of raleigh water” has a Paid advertising estimated cost per click of about dix dollars
  • Even though there are national brands and search engines have been able to refine their ability to provide a local result for brands that have nationwide locations, people still add the city modifier to their searches
  • Not all terms are for our great city. “raleigh bikes” is a brand name
NumberKeywordEstimated Monthly SearchesSEO DifficultyEstimated Cost Per Click (CPC) $
1craigslist raleigh234,0001$2.50
2raleigh weather141,00029$0.15
3raleigh nc91,00082$1.20
4weather raleigh71,00029$0.10
6raleigh craigslist50,0000$1.90
7raleigh bikes35,00024$0.40
8craigslist raleigh nc26,0000$1.70
9city of raleigh26,00070$0.60
10sir walter raleigh25,00033$0.30
11raleigh north carolina24,00082$1.50
12raleigh nc weather24,00029$1.00
13raleigh news and observer22,00034$0.90
14weather raleigh nc20,00029$0.30
16wegmans raleigh16,0006
17raleigh news15,00047$1.20
19raleigh zip code14,0005$0.20
20raleigh nc zip code13,0007$2.50
21carmax raleigh13,0008$0.40
22raleigh curfew12,0003
23raleigh neurology12,00014$1.80
24city of raleigh water12,00017$6.00
25raleigh grande12,0000$2.50
26weather in raleigh11,00024$0.25
28raleigh ritchie9,90038$0.08
29raleigh, nc9,30081
30raleigh protest8,8004
31drive shack raleigh8,7003
32nws raleigh8,5007$2.50
33raleigh radiology8,0002$1.20
34alamo drafthouse raleigh8,0002
35raleigh durham airport7,90013$2.50
36costco raleigh7,5001$2.00
37raleigh orthopedic7,4004$4.00
38walter raleigh7,30026$0.80
39armslist raleigh7,1000$0.00
40raleigh, north carolina7,00082
41things to do in raleigh6,60026$0.70
42weather in raleigh nc6,50029$0.25
43raleigh airport6,30012$1.90
44zillow raleigh6,3005$0.30
45raleigh nc news6,20077$1.40
46city of raleigh jobs5,9005$0.90
47jobs in raleigh nc5,80026$0.80
48zillow raleigh nc5,5008$0.25
49the ritz raleigh5,5002$0.50
50raleigh weather radar5,50012$0.60
51downtown raleigh5,20017$1.90
52raleigh county schools5,1004$0.00
53things to do in raleigh nc5,10018$1.80
54apartments in raleigh nc4,80026$2.50
56raleigh beer garden4,7001$5.00
57craigslist raleigh nc north carolina4,6002$0.25
58duke raleigh hospital4,6004$0.70
59diocese of raleigh4,50016$1.30
60galaxycon raleigh4,4004
61raleigh farmers market4,40012$0.60
62raleigh improv4,3007
63lkq raleigh4,2009$1.30
64raleigh population4,20013$0.70
65hotels in raleigh nc4,10016$3.00
66reddit raleigh4,1000$0.00
67raleigh convention center4,1004$2.00
68facebook marketplace raleigh4,0000
69raleigh apartments3,90026$2.50
70wegmans raleigh nc3,90010$0.60
71raleigh police department3,8000$2.50
72cinemark raleigh grande3,8000$2.50
73accuweather raleigh3,7007$0.40
74dmv raleigh3,70046$0.20
75raleigh nc indeed3,7004$0.00
76channel 11 raleigh nc3,70034$0.10
77charlotte to raleigh3,6000$0.20
78wral raleigh news3,60044$0.00
79raleigh durham3,50077$3.50
80traffic raleigh nc3,40015$4.50
81game theory raleigh3,4000$0.00
82raleigh traffic3,40010$0.04
83raleigh to charlotte3,3000$0.00
84alamo drafthouse cinema raleigh3,3002
85capital ford raleigh3,20016$4.00
86raleigh restaurants3,20015$3.00
87wral news raleigh3,20061$1.40
88raleigh bicycles3,10027$0.35
89raleigh weather hourly3,1002$0.45
90wings over raleigh3,10021$0.90
91listcrawler raleigh3,1000$2.00
92best buy raleigh3,1005$0.60
93temperature in raleigh3,00017$0.00
94raleigh water3,00026$0.30
95best restaurants in raleigh3,0008$3.50
96raleigh general hospital2,9001$0.35
97homes for sale raleigh nc2,90040$3.00
98doublelist raleigh2,9000
99raleigh flea market2,9002$0.25
100the pit raleigh2,9005$0.40
101restaurants in raleigh2,90012$2.00
102carmax raleigh nc2,9009$0.30
103guitar center raleigh2,8001$0.15
104raleigh north carolina weather2,80025$0.50
105airbnb raleigh2,8003$0.25
106relish raleigh2,8001$0.00
107what county is raleigh nc in2,80031$0.00
108raleigh charter high school2,8007$2.50
109raleigh nc traffic2,70010$14.00
110raleigh weather forecast2,70029$0.15
111raleigh medical group2,7000$1.60
112raleigh little theater2,7001$1.00
113craigslist nc raleigh2,7002$1.40
114dmv raleigh nc2,70046$0.30
115imaps raleigh2,7006$0.40
116raleigh register2,60012$0.00
117raleigh bike2,60024$0.45
118auction direct raleigh2,6003$0.60
119raleigh time2,5002$0.00
120skip the games raleigh2,50020
121coronavirus raleigh2,50039
122national weather service raleigh2,5009$0.20
123skipthegames raleigh2,5008
124raleigh rescue mission2,4000$0.70
125north raleigh ministries2,4000$0.06
126ace hardware raleigh2,4004$1.70
127tin roof raleigh2,4000
128apartments raleigh nc2,40026$2.00
129amc classic raleigh 152,3000
130backpage raleigh durham2,3001$0.50
131news and observer raleigh2,30033$0.60
132flights to raleigh2,3009$1.50
133avance care raleigh2,30018$0.80
134raleigh crab house2,3000
135raleigh nc population2,30011$0.00
136raleigh coronavirus2,30059
137craigslist.com raleigh2,2001$0.30
138raleigh temperature2,20012$2.00
139north carolina raleigh2,20072$7.00
140farmers market raleigh2,2009$4.00
141raleigh denim2,2003$0.70
142indeed raleigh2,2003$1.60
143raleigh dmv2,20045$0.15
144raleigh endocrine2,2004$0.00
145ritz raleigh2,2002$0.30
146whole foods raleigh nc2,2002$0.70
147homes for sale in raleigh nc2,20040$2.00
148raleigh fire2,2004$1.30
149raleigh nc county2,20071$0.35
150movies raleigh nc2,20035$2.50
151raleigh jobs2,20017$0.70
152walmart raleigh nc2,1003$1.80
153stir raleigh2,1000
154raleigh utilities2,10026$5.00
155raleigh events2,10016$0.60
156houses for sale in raleigh nc2,10040$2.50
157population of raleigh nc2,10012$0.00
158boxcar raleigh2,1002$1.10
159amtrak raleigh2,10012$0.20
160raleigh shooting2,1004$0.00
161jolie raleigh2,1000
163hotels raleigh nc2,10016$3.00
164sam’s club raleigh2,0002$0.70
165aldi raleigh2,0001$0.15
166indeed raleigh nc2,0003$2.00
167leith honda raleigh2,0005$3.50
168raleigh city data2,0000
169raleigh christmas parade2,0009$0.00
170pnc arena raleigh2,00010$1.00
171raleigh radar2,00012$0.90
172wakemed raleigh2,0002$0.30
173cowfish raleigh1,9001$0.60
174weather underground raleigh1,9000$0.10
175raleigh weather today1,90031$0.35
176jobs raleigh nc1,90026$1.00
177weather raleigh north carolina1,90029$0.30
178downtown raleigh restaurants1,80011$4.50
179things to do in raleigh this weekend1,80031$0.90
180google fiber raleigh1,8001$0.30
182sheraton raleigh1,8002$0.70
183toyota raleigh1,80028$7.00
184hilton raleigh north hills1,8003
185drive shack raleigh nc1,8002
186groupon raleigh1,8006$0.06
187raleigh riots1,8003
188raleigh pediatrics1,80010$5.00
189raleigh real estate1,80040$2.00
190raleigh hotels1,80016$3.00
191discount tire raleigh1,80024$1.70
192raleigh nc craigslist1,8002$1.40
193lidl raleigh1,8004$0.20
194lowe’s home improvement raleigh1,8002$1.10
195lexus raleigh1,7003$1.90
196raleigh nc jobs1,70026$0.70
197raleigh nc map1,70016$1.20
198ufc raleigh1,7009$0.00
199raleigh neurology associates1,7006$15.00
200raleigh nc airport1,70012$2.50
201carvana raleigh1,7000$0.50
202houses for rent raleigh nc1,70019$0.70
203raleigh police1,7004$1.70
204cl raleigh1,7002$0.00
205raleigh nc curfew1,7002
206weather forecast raleigh nc1,70032$0.10
207backpage raleigh1,7002$0.90
20810 day forecast raleigh nc1,70022$0.05
209used cars raleigh nc1,60014$3.00
210wral raleigh nc1,60062$0.09
212raleigh, nc weather1,60029
213city of raleigh bill pay1,60018$1.70
214sitti raleigh1,6003$0.60
215raleigh zip code map1,6004$0.06
216raleigh parks and rec1,60014$0.35
217pnc arena raleigh nc1,6008$0.80
218raleigh mountain bike1,60020$0.40
219flights to raleigh nc1,60013$1.10
220backpage raleigh durham chapel hill1,6000$1.20
221raleigh tokul 31,6000$0.25
222weather.gov raleigh nc1,5005
223audi raleigh1,5001$1.30
224eros raleigh1,5000$1.60
225gravy raleigh1,5001$0.35
226red hat raleigh1,50014$2.00
227go raleigh1,5009$3.50
228raleigh homes for sale1,50040$3.00
229raleigh nc hotels1,50019$3.00
230raleigh nc homes for sale1,50040$1.90
231offerup raleigh1,5000$1.10
232raleigh ophthalmology1,5000$3.50
233tupelo honey raleigh1,5002$2.50
234raleigh skyline1,5000$0.90
235advance auto parts raleigh1,5006$0.40
236ymca raleigh1,5002$1.60
237petsmart raleigh1,5001$0.80
238angus barn raleigh1,5004$3.00
239concerts in raleigh1,5000$0.30
240johnson lexus raleigh1,5005$1.50
241north raleigh christian academy1,5001$5.00
242north hills raleigh1,5009$0.20
243greensboro to raleigh1,5000$6.00
244kings raleigh1,5001$0.50
245southeast raleigh high school1,5009$3.50
246raleigh nc zip1,5007$0.00
247raleigh county board of education1,5002$2.00
248leith toyota raleigh1,5005$4.50
249costco raleigh nc1,5001$0.20
250events in raleigh1,40022$0.70
251weather raleigh hourly1,4002$0.03
252raleigh housing authority1,4001$0.90
253raleigh island florida1,4004
254vie at raleigh1,4000$0.70
255raleigh 10 day forecast1,40017$0.08
256walmart supercenter raleigh1,4001
257raleigh state fair1,40019$0.35
258sam ash raleigh1,4001$0.35
259cargurus raleigh1,4008$0.50
260nc dmv raleigh1,40058$0.15
261craigslist in raleigh1,4001$3.50
262imax raleigh1,4001$0.60
264raleigh museum1,40079$1.60
265raleigh times1,4002$6.00
266furniture stores raleigh nc1,40051$4.50
267raleigh water bill1,40017$1.50
268fred anderson toyota raleigh1,4003$6.00
269raleigh county1,40033$0.04
270apartments for rent raleigh nc1,40026$2.50
271food lion raleigh1,3000$1.70
272mellow mushroom raleigh1,3003$2.50
273angus barn raleigh nc1,3006$4.00
274raleigh adult medicine1,3000$0.00
275wake med raleigh1,30014$0.15
276raleigh nc apartments1,30026$2.00
278raleigh zip1,3004$0.01
279raleigh nc things to do1,30022$1.00
280raleigh nc protest1,3006
281pour house raleigh1,3001$0.25
283the station raleigh1,3001
284raleigh gas prices1,3000$1.50
285rei raleigh1,3001$1.50
286raleigh art museum1,30031$1.20
287fleet feet raleigh1,3000$0.50
288capital ford raleigh nc1,30026$4.00
289city of raleigh utilities1,30026$0.45
290raleigh gun show1,3004$0.00
291the ritz raleigh nc1,3001$0.60
292kanki raleigh1,3000$0.00
293soca raleigh1,3001
294nextdoor raleigh1,3000$3.00
295curfew raleigh1,3003
296used cars raleigh1,30014$3.50
297raleigh major r61,3005
298alamo raleigh1,3003$1.50
299houses for rent in raleigh nc1,30019$0.60
300credit suisse raleigh1,2001$1.20
301raleigh technium1,2000$0.06
302defy gravity raleigh1,20022$1.20
303raleigh foot and ankle1,2002$2.00
304walmart raleigh1,2003$2.00
305raleigh mayor1,2006$0.40
306trader joe’s raleigh1,2000$0.09
307neomonde raleigh1,2003$0.00
308craigslist raleigh jobs1,2000$1.40
309lifetime fitness raleigh1,2002$2.00
310coquette raleigh1,2002$0.70
311raleigh dermatology1,20028$1.10
312restaurants raleigh nc1,20012$1.80
313raleigh cathedral1,2004$0.00
314raleigh north carolina zip code1,2009$0.00
315raleigh comic con1,2008$1.10
316second empire raleigh1,2004$0.40
317things to do in raleigh today1,20025$1.00
318lady luck raleigh1,2000
319raleigh hotel1,20032$4.00
320raleigh eye center1,20017$2.50
321stars and strikes raleigh nc1,2007
322weather for raleigh nc1,20032$0.25
323skyhouse raleigh1,2000$3.50
324interact raleigh1,2000$1.20
325goodwill raleigh1,2007$2.50
326vidrio raleigh1,2002
327rialto raleigh1,2002$1.00
328106.1 raleigh1,2004$0.15
329raleigh pronunciation1,2000$0.00
330raleigh tire1,2007$4.50
331honda raleigh1,20035$4.50
332raleigh concerts1,1003$0.35
333craiglist.com raleigh1,1001
334duke raleigh1,1002$0.40
335raleigh road drive in1,1002$1.60
336raleigh nc to charlotte nc1,1000$0.50
337planet fitness raleigh1,1001$3.50
338raleigh durham nc1,10045$0.50
339raleigh to atlanta1,1002$1.10
340zip code for raleigh nc1,1008$0.00
341backpages raleigh1,1001
342oku raleigh1,1002
343wral raleigh1,10062$0.70
344weaver street market raleigh1,1002
345raleigh marriott city center1,1002$1.30
346raleigh newspaper1,10039$1.40
347restaurants downtown raleigh1,1008$2.00
348cam raleigh1,1004$0.00
349publix raleigh1,1001$0.50
350raleigh map1,10011$0.40
351craigslist raleigh durham1,1000$0.80
352raleigh nc weather forecast1,10029$0.90
353raleigh raw1,1001$2.00
354aloft raleigh1,1002$1.30
355raleigh reddit1,1000$0.00
356mandolin raleigh1,1000$0.50
357vivace raleigh1,1001$0.45
358charlotte nc to raleigh nc1,1000$0.60
359spectrum raleigh1,1005
360sprouts raleigh1,1000
361weather.gov raleigh1,1002
362restore raleigh1,1003$1.20
363events in raleigh this weekend1,10022$0.70
364hummingbird raleigh1,1000
365raleigh family practice1,1009$4.00
366time in raleigh1,1003$0.00
367living in raleigh nc1,00012$1.10
368ferguson raleigh1,0000$0.25
369sunset raleigh nc1,0001$0.00
370city data raleigh1,0000$0.01
371channel 11 raleigh1,00031$0.00
372raleigh greenway1,00010$0.02
373raleigh movies1,00034$1.60
374raleigh road bike1,00026$0.40
375accuweather raleigh nc1,00015$1.30
376raleigh greenway map1,0008$3.00
377raleigh memorial auditorium1,00016$0.45
378craigslist.org raleigh1,0001$0.15
379raleigh cl1,0003$0.00
380craigslist raleigh pets1,0002$0.40
381raleigh house1,00023$4.50
382atlanta to raleigh1,0000$1.60
383dick’s sporting goods raleigh1,0000
384big eds raleigh1,0004$0.00
385raleigh earthquake1,00033
386raleigh to greensboro1,0000$2.50
387ads auto sales raleigh nc1,0000
388sullivan’s raleigh1,0001
389embassy suites raleigh nc1,00020$1.60
390yelp raleigh1,0000$1.80
391raleigh forecast1,00038
392total wine raleigh1,0000$0.60
393bittersweet raleigh1,0001$0.00
394hq raleigh1,0001$1.50
395the home depot raleigh1,0002
396oak steakhouse raleigh1,0002
397raleigh orthopedics1,0009$3.50
398raleigh nc real estate1,00040$1.50
399homes for rent in raleigh nc1,00019$0.80
400habitat for humanity raleigh1,0008$1.90
401planned parenthood raleigh1,0000$3.00
402estate sales raleigh1,00031$1.20
403topgolf raleigh1,0006
404wunderground raleigh1,0001
405abc raleigh1,00031$1.60
406raleigh road outdoor theatre1,0004$1.50
407raleigh events this weekend1,00018$0.70
408estate sales raleigh nc1,00030$1.20
409car rental raleigh nc1,00015$3.50
410window tinting raleigh1,0006$9.00
411raleigh county assessor1,00014$0.06
412raleigh weather 10 day1,00022$0.07
413cape fear seafood raleigh1,0005
414raleigh union station1,00011$1.30
415city club raleigh1,0002$0.00
416raleigh county wv1,00034$0.45
418first watch raleigh9007$9.00
419raleigh bicycle90028$0.45
420raleigh chamber of commerce9001$0.00
421craigslist raleigh free9000$0.09
422zip code raleigh nc9007$0.50
423north raleigh pediatrics9001$6.00
424raleigh masjid9002$0.60
425melting pot raleigh9001$0.80
426axe throwing raleigh9009
427redfin raleigh9003$0.50
428ikea raleigh9001$0.50
429fitness connection raleigh90010$3.00
430raleigh studios9004$0.00
431meetup raleigh9001$1.10
432amazon jobs raleigh nc9005$0.70
433my flight to raleigh90020$1.30
434raleigh becket9001$0.00
435raleigh zip codes9005$7.00
436farmers market raleigh nc90010$0.80
437bmw raleigh9006$3.50
438raleigh radiology cary9001$3.00
439raleigh mall90021$0.50
440durham to raleigh90013$0.00
441raleigh capitol ent9000$4.00
442hyatt house raleigh9007$1.00
443apartments for rent in raleigh nc90026$3.00
444great clips raleigh9002$0.70
445restaurants in raleigh nc90012$1.50
446consulado mexicano en raleigh9000$0.70
447garland raleigh9003$0.60
448bandwidth raleigh90012$5.00
449raleigh news & observer90033$0.20
450at home raleigh9002$0.90
451townhomes for rent raleigh nc9009$0.90
452rooms to go raleigh9000$0.35
453weather radar raleigh nc9005$0.40
454raleigh redux 29000$0.50
455realtor.com raleigh nc90014$0.80
456raleigh supercon9001
457stars and strikes raleigh9001
458legends raleigh9001$0.10
459enterprise raleigh90012$0.10
460fort raleigh national historic site9005$0.00
461bjs raleigh9001$0.08
462things to do raleigh nc90019$1.30
463raleigh snow9001$0.00
464holiday inn raleigh nc9008$1.90
465106.1 fm raleigh9004$0.08
466the alamo raleigh9003
467dermatologist raleigh nc90022$2.50
468team powersports raleigh90012$1.50
469raleigh heating and air9008$25.00
470acquire raleigh9002
471houses for sale raleigh nc90040$2.00
472alamo drafthouse cinema – raleigh9002
473flow mini raleigh9000$3.50
474indeed jobs raleigh nc9003$1.80
475doppler radar raleigh nc9005$0.40
476billie eilish raleigh9004
477lowes raleigh nc9007$3.50
478raleigh movie times90024$2.50
479raleigh hand center9000$4.00
480social security office raleigh nc9004$1.60
481raleigh nc newspaper80038$1.20
482staples raleigh nc8003$1.00
483part time jobs in raleigh nc8003$0.90
484pullen park raleigh8006$0.00
485raleigh ritchie – time in a tree8001
486craigslist raleigh cars80013$1.60
487body rub raleigh8001$4.50
488raleigh pd8001$1.90
489hampton inn raleigh nc80028$1.60
490slim’s raleigh8000$0.00
491raleigh cadent8001$0.45
492weather raleigh, nc80028
493raleigh talus8000$0.45
494craiglist raleigh8001$5.00
495raleigh police chief8001$0.00
496guasaca raleigh8002$0.80
497hobby lobby raleigh8000$1.10
498iar raleigh8001$1.00
499hourly weather raleigh8002$0.30
500raleigh brewing company8002$0.00
Data derived from Ahrefs.com on December 9, 2020
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