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HARO (Help A Reporter Out) is one of the most well known and effective white hat SEO link building tools in the industry. Marketers often sign up with the best of intentions. After all, this platform sends out emails three times a day, five days a week and often has anywhere from 70 – 100+ opportunities in each email. It would seem like this would be the perfect way to build high authority backlinks for any number of industries.

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HARO connects writers/reporters/journalists with sources to cite for their articles

While the opportunities for your site through this service are tremendous, many businesses find it time consuming and the success rate can be fairly low without a full commitment to the process. This can mean you have put in a lot of effort with little to no results.

How to get backlinks with HARO

Reporters, blog writers and journalists are under deadlines in a fast paced environment. They want quick replies and from sources with particular profiles. They are usually not wanting any back and forth and you rarely get a response from them to know if they used your quote.

Because of this, many marketers miss out on the opportunities because they may be taking too long to reply or are not providing the exact response that the writer requested. SEO experts are used to a back and forth before getting their content published and since writers on HARO do not interact this way, most marketers stop making attempts in a short period of time and believe that the platform cannot deliver the results they seek.

It is also a good idea to keep in mind that in addition to improving your search engine optimization, these placements can also provide increased direct traffic from high traffic websites. They also help improve your Public Relations and brand recognition. Some pretty big bonuses for any marketer.

We can get you the results you are looking for

We have a team that is fully equipped to help you gain these effective backlinks and provide you transparency in the results. We have a rapid response process set up which is critical considering how many submission replies there are to each of these requests. This gives us an advantage over many other companies that may take hours to respond which can often be too late since reporters generally select a quote within the first hour or two.

Hundreds of people may respond to a single HARO request and our team has had the experience to give these reporters exactly what they are looking for on your behalf. This means these online publications will cite your name and your brand name directly into the link to the home page of your website.

Our ghost writers have had years of experience in responding to these queries and have crafted their messaging based upon successful responses in the past. Our methodology has been refined from the thousands of submissions we’ve submitted over the years.

Our minimum engagement per month is 5 backlinks from DR 50+ websites. And we do not charge if they end up being nofollow links. If you are an SEO professional or business owner that wants high quality backlinks to increase your rankings, give us a call to talk about your project.

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What is HARO?

Benefits of media mentions through HARO

Provides high domain authority backlinks

Since these writers often work for well established companies, the domain rating of these sites are usually higher than average. When your website is linked to from these sites, you often find improvements in rankings for your own site as an SEO benefit. One of the biggest signals Google looks for are links from authoritative, niche specific websites to your website to help them have confidence that yours is a trustworthy resource.

Builds brand recognition

Since almost all of the anchor text that these journalists use end up as your company name, this is great brand reinforcement for search engines. This can help to establish your website as a brand name and for those that have trouble ranking for this, you will often see a boost as a result. Not only that, but your company name being mentioned in multiple articles ends up establishing your brand name in the minds of all of those readers. This is very valuable PR.

Drives direct traffic to your site

These news sites and other publications already have a tremendous amount of traffic in their own right. By having placement within recent articles, there is the opportunity of readers clicking through and learning more about your company.

Provides social proof for your website

Visitors to your site are oftentimes looking for validation. In other words what trusted resources have put a stamp of approval on your site. Marketers often turn to well known websites as this source and will sometimes add a section labeled: Featured On or something similar. It is a trust signal that people look for and HARO provides plenty of such websites that fit in this criteria.

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Media Outlet Examples: Wall Street Journal, Business Insider, Forbes, Huffpost, Business News Daily, Bustle

Let’s talk about our HARO link building services and discuss options for pricing. We can build a custom link building strategy for your business.