A technical analysis of your website is recommended at least once a year. Not only do search engines make changes to their algorithm on a regular basis, but often times you may have multiple people updating your website that may not be adhering to all of the SEO compliances within your company.

I will crawl your site and review the overall performance and provide actionable feedback as to why the changes I recommend will help improve the performance and help you to drive more qualified traffic.

Competitor Analysis

Get a clear picture of what your competitors are doing online

Since most agencies focus on your website, they generally will provide similar reports and recommendations. But we have found that many business owners and managers would like to learn more about their competitors. So we have developed a service that focuses on what they are doing online and how you compare.

analytics analysis

Unlike traditional advertising, digital marketing leaves a footprint. Finding where your competitors are running TV Ads, what billboards they are renting or what a piece of their direct mail looks like or even what zip codes they use takes a lot of effort and sometimes a little luck.

With so much of marketing running online, it is possible to find out a great deal of information as to what your competition is doing and determine your internet marketing strategy based upon proven strategy.

Your Competitive Analysis

  • See what keywords your competitors rank for
  • What backlinks are linking to their website
  • How much organic traffic they are getting compared to yours
  • What content on their website is performing well
  • Their top performing paid ads
  • More*…

* Many businesses see their competitors and assume they are the ones outranking them online, but this is not always the case. We conduct an analysis based upon your assessment of who your main competitors are. Our team determines who are your main competitors online. Sometimes they are the same, sometimes they are companies you did not even realize.

Site Audit Cost

Depending upon how many competitors you request, our service cost is as low as a $500. Submit two competitor websites and your own. We will conduct an analysis and provide you with a full report and accompanying data sheets. If you want to analyze more than two competitors, we will provide a custom quote.

Pricing for Audits

If you have ever wanted to know about your competitors SEO, Paid Ads Campaigns or Social Media then now is a good time to talk with someone about your project. Feel free to give us a call.

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