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The marketing community has had a favorite online tool called Answer The Public. While this is a paid service, they do provide a free use and that is the feature I would like to focus on here. Sales people who work for agencies do not always have easy access to all of the great tools that SEO departments use. But if you sell to small business, this can be a very useful resource.

If you are looking to provide some sample research on content opportunities, this can be a very easy to use content idea generator. What it does is takes a keyword or phrase “electric bicycles” and it returns a multitude of terms that people search for related to your phrase.

The first thing you want to keep in mind when you’re using this is that it’s automatically set to the United Kingdom. There’s nothing wrong with that especially if you’re doing research in the United Kingdom. But most people in the USA are likely doing research domestically. It’s very simple to change from the dropdown menu.

answer the public select united states

You’ll want to keep in mind because this is a free solution so you only get two uses per day. What will happen is if you try to run that third search, you are going to end up with a page telling you that you have reached the maximum for the day and you will have to wait till tomorrow.

answer the public limit

From the keyword term we ran, we can now see the results for what terms are being searched for relating to the topic. Apparently there are a lot of questions surrounding electric bicycles.

answer the public categories

As you can see below, it even breaks it down for you. There were a total of 379 results and these are broken down into different categories.

  • Questions
  • Prepositions
  • Comparisons
  • Alphabetical
  • Related
answer the public download csv

A nice little feature that they provide here is that you can take the entire list of everything that’s in here and download it as a CSV file. I will sometimes upload this to a spreadsheet because believe it or not, when you give your sales presentation, you will often be asked by the customer if you could provide them this list.

answer the public organized

Their platform also allows you to data visually. Customers like the way this looks on a presentation. It breaks it down very nice as you can see here; can, how, when, will, etc. Then out the different questions surrounding those terms.

answer the public visual

They also make it very easy to click a button and download the image so you can easily place it onto one of your PowerPoint or Google Doc. It looks professional and custom. It adds a little WOW factor when the prospect sees this.

There’s a lots of fantastic content ideas throughout the page. For sales people, this is a very useful tool. It takes seconds to use and provides lots of thought provoking discussion during your next meeting.

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