Most Small Businesses do not Need an Agency or Full Time Market

In fact, the majority only require a few hours of internet marketing per month. Since business owners usually believe that they can do this mostly themselves (and rightly so), they begin their research only to realize there is an overwhelming amount of information on the subject. It is not that they can’t do it, it is just their time is valuable and there are very few straight answers online.

This is where I come in. I consult for Small Business in Raleigh and help them to manage their own Digital Marketing. What takes most clients hours to research, I have already done numerous times and can show you very quickly. In my opinion, the only silly question is the one that is not asked. Proper strategy and basics in place are where most companies usually need to start.

Where to Start

The first step to take is getting a clear understanding of your business and what you offer. Specificity is key in marketing your company online.

If you or someone else is going to create content, do outreach or run paid ads for your website or social media, you will find far more success if you are driving focused, quality traffic.

Get to Know Your Clientel

As tedious as it may sound, you will benefit greatly from just a little bit of research. This is where a little honesty from those you knopw will go a long way.

For your existing clients, ask them where they found you and why they chose you.

  • Was it a referral? Is that why they chose you?
  • Did they do a search on Google?
  • Had they driven past your business?

There are numerous ways that customers find you and knowing not only where they had seen, but why they chose you can help you to create an effective online strategy that is focused and will not be a drain on your resources, budget or time.

Talk To Those Who Are not Your Customers

It is not just a good sales practice to buy someone cffee or take them out to lunch. It can also be great marketing research as well.

When talking with prospects or people that chose not to buy from you, always ask why they didn’t and more importantly why they chose your competitor.

Knowing that someone decided to go with the other company because they found them on Google and repeatedly saw them in ads and social media along with the fact that they read so many highly rated online reviews can be windfall of information in your strategy.

People find information from search engines, Facebook, online forums, email newsletters, their local Chamber of Commerce, etc. Knowing where your prospects spend their time and their decision making process helps you to develop a winning plan.

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