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Many small businesses struggle to keep up with their online marketing and social media is no exception. Numerous social media platforms, creative posts and tracking results can become overwhelming. The smaller your company the fewer resources you likely have available to manage it all.

Facebook Management

Most organizations are usually just in need of someone to manage their Facebook page along with their other online profiles.

It is not that these activities are not important, it is just they are not usually top of mind for most business owners. Re-familiarizing yourself with the dashboard and any changes that may have occurred in the last week or month, usually becomes a hassle. Keeping up with posts for important dates, holiday notices and more can become tedious. Sometimes it is just easier to find someone for a few hours a month to take care of all of this for you.

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Social Media Strategy and Paid Ads

There are certain industries that do well with specific social media marketing strategies. Restaurants can drive business during normally slow periods of the day or week. Shopping centers can skillfully promote their retailers and build brand awareness around their destination. Strategy and execution is the key and this is where we come in.

You want every marketing dollar spent to matter. We have been working with social media campaigns on most of the WEB 2.0 platforms for years. Let us use our experience to help you spend your advertising dollars effectively and get results.

YouTube and Instagram Video For Your Business

Nowadays there really is no excuse for a company not to be using video for their online marketing. Through the use of a quality cell phone cameras and lots of affordable online resources, there is just no reason your business should not be using this giant marketing opportunity.

  • Video interviews of owners or corporate officers allow you to build trust and rapport with online consumers
  • Simple recordings of machinery in operation or a step by step process of your system can engage consumer in 30 second clips, the way that text alone can have difficulty accomplishing
  • A certain percentage of consumers prefer watching videos to learn more about companies. These consumers will seek out brands that provide this alternative medium
  • Video can be passive and requires less effort on the part of the consumer

Over the years, consumers expectations of quality has lowered in exchange for more variety. Few people expect a small businesses to produce a high budget production and instead are satisfied with a quality 90 second recording. Even contrary to the old way of thinking, some consumers might see a slick video as a signal that you are expensive or not local.

YouTube, LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, Vimeo and so many other online platforms encourage businesses to upload video and the algorithms favor this media since that is what their audiences want.

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