Serp robot is a quick and easy SEO tool for checking results

If you are a salesperson in a digital agency, you don’t always have access to the multiple tools that your entire marketing team has. What I’d like to show you today is a free SERP checker. SERPROBOT provides a free tool that immediately checks the rankings for a handful of keywords on any website as soon as you click the button.

I’m not going through the whole sign or the login. I’m only showing you the free aspect of this specific tool that they offer. This helps you when you’re building sales presentations or you’re in front of the client and you want to show them an example of where they are ranking for a specific term or a few phrases.

serprobot serp result

The first field is for choosing your region. I would venture a guess that this will be for the United States unless you are specifically looking to rank in other countries. If so, you won’t be utilizing this that often as you’ll mostly stay with the US. This tool is great for e-commerce or for any business that wants to rank nationwide.

check for competitor urls serprobot

Keep in mind this particular tool does not work well for local search. If you happen to be in Philadelphia, and all they care about is ranking locally, it does not have that type of specificity. I will show you examples of other tools for that in another future blog.

Next, we also have to choose your device. It will give you the results for searching on a desktop, mobile or even tablet. Desktop is great when you have a client who is a B2B business, but if they are Business to Consumer, generally speaking I will select mobile so that I can give them the most accurate results. Even if their actual results are mostly mobile rather than desktop, B2B clients usually believe that their highest intent users are from desktop. So, I will often show both results for them.

Next, you add in the domain that you want to check the rankings for.

check for competitor urls serprobot

There is also a newer feature I’ve seen, where you are able to add competitors and check their rankings at the same time. Just click on Check for competitors URL’s and it adds extra fields a little further down the page.

Now just enter a competitor or three and it’s as easy as that.

serprobot competitor domain

Now all we have left is the keywords and or phrases you want to search for, It shows five fields, but you can add more.

serprobot enter keywords

Keep in mind, like all free tools, this one has limits. I previously used this tool and run out of searches and had to wait till the next day to use again. But I recently ran over 50 searches in one day, and did not reach a limit. Perhaps they changed the number. Nonetheless, I am always hesitant to do too many especially if I am in a live meeting with a prospect.

serprobot serp result

Now check that you are not a robot and it will check the SERP’s. Here you can see I was checking the single URL. It showed the position and even the URL that ranked for the term. In the top keyword, you can see that it is not ranking on the first ten pages of Google.

I also ran the tool adding in competitors. As you can see, they are showing the target website and where the competitor lands, however without the individual page.

serprobot competitor results

The reason I like this tool is because it strips away the uncertainty in a sales situation. The client is not having to trust my browser and oftentimes clients have googled their own website or a competitors so often, their cookies will artificially put their own website on page one even though it does not rank that well for anyone else.

I also prefer it to just running in incognito mode because it instantly tells me where they rank rather than me clicking through ten pages just to confirm they are not showing up at all.

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