Updated blog since first published to include results at bottom.

For the last few years I have been very frustrated with GoDaddy and their unwillingness to provide SSL certification to sites on a website at no or at least a reasonable fixed cost. The only option they had were paid SSL that you had to purchase for each individual domain and subdomain.

Why Does GoDaddy Charge for SSL?

At one time this was understandable, but as certificates were easy to install, just a headache to maintain and monitor from time to time, I had many calls to sales and support to determine why they could not, like so many other platforms, provide a package to cover the entire hosting environment. Revenue I guess. Like so many other services money is made from the add-ons.

This often led me to use services like Cloudflare just to add SSL for domains that quite frankly were not worth the extra cost. Anytime another service is added, it requires more monitoring and technically speaking can become a pain to troubleshoot at times.

Finally, it looks like they have finally provided a solution and I will update you when I add the next website and let you know how the testing went. GoDaddy SSL

GoDaddy Auto SSL Now Enabled
You hosting plan now comes with AutoSSL.

It is available with Linux Hosting Maximum or Business Hosting plan.

Updated Blog: I have tried the Free SSL from GoDaddy

I set up two new domains utilizing Installatron on my GoDaddy hosting account and from everything I can see, it is working just fine. Now, these are not ecommerce websites, but I can see no issue with the SSL other than I had to force the https version. But this was more of an issue with my htaccess file for my WordPress websites.. Still, you should test all versions if you do use for ecommerce in any way as this leaves you open to the security risk.