Google ads can drive qualified traffic for your small business

There are numerous strategies for marketing online and one of the most effective is PPC (pay per click) advertising. When businesses find it difficult to rank well in Google and Bing! or do not find a social media campaign to be as effective for their product or service, this solution can be an easy win for any company.

Google can spend your advertising dollars very quickly if you do not manage your account properly.

PPC ads are as simple an idea as placing your advertisement in prime placement and being charged whenever someone clicks through. Prime placement can be:

  • At the top of Google for a keyword search
  • On a high traffic website within your industry
  • Targeted social media ads targeting your prime demographic

PPC ads can come in many forms as well.

  • Text rich search engine ads
  • Display banner ads
  • Video
  • Even ads that show up when you log into a webmail portal

Many businesses want to run ad campaigns but are hesitant due to the inexperience of the team members they may have. Setting up a well run campaign can be complex. The good news is that set up properly, many ads can cost a lot less than what their competitors are paying for the same placement, especially in the case of search ads.

How Quality Score affects your PPC Campaigns

Getting your cost per click down and running more Google Ads for the same budget