Here is a short list of things that your boss should know about search engine optimization:

1) SEO is a process, not one time event – you can not optimize website with one time event, it has to be constant process
2) SEO takes time – it is very hard to get on #1 position in any search engine for competitive keywords, and even the niche keywords may take time to optimize a website for
3) Results may not be visible at once – you may need to wait awhile before you can see the results of your processes. Be patient – patience is a virtue, also in search engine optimization
4) SEO needs resources – managing an SEO campaign needs a whole team: programmers, copywriters, PR, you, the SEO consultant, and any other available departments. All of those people need to be coordinated and well organized in order to achieve satisfactory results
5) SEO is not free – do you think you can rank #1 on Google for “credit cards” without money?

Paid ads, especially ecommerce PPC, can be very expensive in the long run. Ranking organically for many of your high priced keywords provides the advantage of traffic that does not cost you every time a person clicks. A well balanced strategy between SEO and Google Ads is always a strong recommendation.

What else would you add?

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