Marketing for Startups

The one thing a startup needs to remember is that they have no digital footprint. This means all of your competitors already have a head start. This does not mean you can’t beat them in a short period of time.

All you need is a strong go to market strategy. Even though your competition already has an online presence, this doesn’t mean it is a very good one. It could just be that no other companies have gone up against them with a real marketing plan.
I have seen lots of large companies make huge blunders in their campaigns and leave opportunity for their smaller competitors to own certain market segments right under their nose.

The other opportunity for you starting out is that you can bring all of the best practices known at this time to the table. Internet marketing agencies continue to improve our understanding of Google and how to most effectively use social media to get the maximum benefit out of the time and effort being put into a winning strategy.

Don’t let anyone tell you that starting out is too difficult and that you can’t compete. But on the other hand, be sure you are aware of what you are up against and know that there is a lot of work in making a marketing campaign a success for a new business.