Organic & Paid Tactics

Like so many other online platforms, there are always going to be paid and non-paid ways of utilizing Web 2.0 websites. There is a time and a place for both. Just always keep in mind, as a platform increases in number of members, the more that their be trying to monetize the audience.

This does not mean that organic campaigns are not worthwhile. If you have the right strategy and are able to balance between brand and sales, you can find a very large impact from both.

We recommend a strategic approach because boosting everything is not a solution while some posts will never get the reach you would hope for just by sharing.

Become an Active Member of these online Communities

In the beginning of this online revolution, a company could just post anything and have it be seen by the multitudes. Nowadays, there is so much competition from other companies, influencers, affiliate marketers, friends and neighbors. Not to mention that business related profiles are sometimes intentionally reduced in their ability to have their posts seen. It has become necessary to run paid advertising and/or become a very active member of these communities.

The benefits of doing so are tremendous all around and you will be seen if you are managing your account accordingly.

Organic Facebook Results

facebook organic results

I recently ran a test for a page I manage to determine the reach for organic on few completely organic posts within a 28 day period. There were no paid ads run on this account.

Which Social Media is right for my Industry?

The way you talk about a particular topic can vary from each account. The community on Reddit will react very differently than Twitter if you are putting up a purely promotional post. Automated systems for multiple posting are becoming less of a recommendation these days.

To get the most out of social media, you need to be an active member of the community. For your business to get known and for others to promote you, you need to engage. When you post, you want to reach out to others in your niche. You want to encourage your clients to share your business and get them to start dialogues.

Doing research research and spending time on the different platforms, this is the best way to find out which ones are best for your business. Below are some insights that I think may be helpful to start though.

Facebook for Business

Facebook is one of the all around solid choices for promoting your business. Since it is the largest social media platform, it pretty much covers you whether you are Food Blog, B2B, B2C, national or local. It is hard to go wrong with this being one of your choices.

Google My Business Listing

Google my Business is a no-brainer for business. The community is not nearly as active as it’s shear size mainly because most people never fully embraced the concept. Since everyone who has a Gmail account is automatically a member, you have a wide array of people who are a target audience. I personally find the best time spent here is improving the Google listing for your business.

Twitter for Business

I’m going to get in trouble for this one. Twitter is like the siren song that attracts so many but they spin their wheels. Even Twitter itself has trouble figuring out how to make money. It can be useful for businesses to push out special offers and those that depend on announcements. Bands that want to keep fans up to date, celebrities and even restaurants. I you have a winning solution, I’d be happy to post your ideas.

LinkedIn for Small Business

This social media platform was made for businesses. If you are B2B in any form, you would do well spending time here. It is mostly used as an online resume but there are many groups that specialize in niche topics. You’ll find salespeople get more use out of it, but a well done profile is worth the effort.

Instagram for Business

Instagram has gained a lot of traction over the last few years. It is a great way for a business to build brand awareness. It is a lot less complicated than Facebook to use and since it is so image focused, millennial’s and others prefer to use it to keep up since they can absorb information and run through it at such a fast rate. It is great for a company looking to have a national presence on a budget. Just know, it takes a commitment to your audience and Instagram makes it less desktop friendly and really caters to tablets and cell phones.

Pinterest for Business

Another strong social media outlet, Pinterest is an easy to use platform based on the idea that people are pinning photos to boards. What it has evolved into the worlds biggest window shopping mall in the world. Based on peoples preferences or search, Pinterest provides almost a never ending funnel of imagery from individuals, professional bloggers, retailers and manufacturers. Almost any business out there should at least set up an account and post a few photos.

Other Benefits of Social Media

There are literally hundreds and to some extent thousands of social media platforms online where you can promote your business. Social media accounts set up for your business can have a cumulative effect on building your SEO strength by establishing a stronger online presence. They are one of the easier wins for internet marketing.

This is not to say by setting up 25 different social media profiles, you will conquer the web. As always, it is just one more opportunity to make an impact. Multiple social media platforms allow for you to show the search engines you are serious about your online strategy. There is a lot of opportunity to optimize these profiles as well.

social media logos
  • Most profiles allow you to create a link to your website.
  • They allow you to add a description of your business
  • You can usually add an address

You should also think in terms of these social media platforms as a community. Whether you like social media or not, know that there are lots of potential clients out there that have there select few that they read and follow. Many times this is where they will go when looking for a product or service because they trust the platform and the community.

What you as a small business owner needs to consider is where do you spend time maintaining these platforms. Updating your multiple social media accounts can be very easy. If you have one message that you want to go out to all of them and you want to do this regularly, there are solutions such as ITTT. It takes a little bit of time to set up but will allow you to post once and it will propagate that message out to all accounts you have set up. This is a very common tool that is used n the industry.

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