How we get your website to rank for organic search results

Google search results are built on the premise of giving the consumer the most relevant results for any given query. In determining which pages meet this standard, they put a premium on quality of content and seek out signals to confirm their criteria. Too rank for any given set of keywords, you need to know what people are searching for relating to your product or service and provide the best answers possible.

This requires well written and researched pages with plenty of information for the visitors. In doing so, the search engines will continue to see your pages as trusted resource for their audience.

three pillars of seo

Out of the hundreds of signals and information that the search engines process in their algorithms, most all of SEO comes down to three main categories. Technical, Content & Backlinks.

Our team members evaluate your online competitors and develop a strategic plan to build out the content on your website including written articles, images, video, white papers, pdf’s, online tools and much more. We also research opportunities for creating backlinks that help to build your online authority that send trust signals to the search engine algorithms to improve rankings and help your website rank for more terms.

We also conduct technical audits so that your website meets the standards set by Google to ensure your core web vitals are performing well and that your website is not at a disadvantage to your competitors.

Why do companies have different ways of doing SEO?

People lead with their strengths. If you have a team that are better at writing rather than PR, you will tend to see them lean towards content as the center of their strategy. If they have a development background, like web design, they might focus more on technical aspects. The only wrong way to do SEO is when it gets no results.

Google and a multitude of online publications have provided best practices and research on effective tactics for finding success. But it really comes down to understanding your industry and how competitive the online landscape is for your business that helps to determine the best plan of action for your marketing.

Is SEO still worth the effort for small business?

Having worked with hundreds of small businesses over the last ten years we have learned that, statistically speaking, if you want more people to learn about your company, then it is hard to beat SEO for the cost. People who conduct searches are often high quality visitors to your website. This is different than running ads on social media or other marketing channels whose targeting is based on demographics rather than intent.

When you also compare SEO to PPC, you find that a far higher percentage of people that click through results will select the organic links rather than the paid links. Some people use ad blockers, others just out of habit avoid paid listings but mostly it is because they are doing their research and have over the years not found paid ads that provide them what they are looking for.

That is not to say that paid ads do not have their place and are not effective, on the contrary. When someone is in immediate need or is ready to make that purchase, then PPC offers fantastic placement for these types of searches. what we call bottom of the sales funnel.

Organic search results usually runs the extent of the sales funnel from high intent to just starting to learn about a particular topic. That is why SEO is so important. You can rank for many more keywords within the entire buyers journey that just would not be economically as effective as paid ads would be.

For the investment, search engine optimization provides a broader range of keywords and phrases while having the advantage of not having to pay for each individual click, one month after the next.

Our Monthly Pricing Costs



SIMPLE - $500

Per Month

Basic Plan 

Monthly report
One Blog Per Month

BUSINESS - $ 1,200

Per Month

Keyword Monitoring
Monthly Call
Site Optimization

2 Articles Per Month

Online Citations

COMPETE - $ 2,500

Per Month

Keyword Monitoring
Monthly Call
Site Optimization

2 Articles Per Month

Backlink Building

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