Among our members, it looks we have our very own SEO Hero. Patrick Stox has taken up the Wix challenge in his very own David and Goliath story.

Near the end of last year, Wix put out a contest to show how their platform was just as SEO friendly as any others out there. In doing so, they offered up a $50,000 prize for anyone who wanted to use a different platform. They declared their team would abide by Google Guidelines and beat any individual or team that wanted to enter as long as they played by the same guidelines.

seo hero

If you think about it, we are talking about a huge organization and lots of marketing dollars so this should have been a runaway success for Wix. But with 7 days to go, it is not looking that way.

Patrick decided his strategy would be to analyze the entire contest and keep everyone up to date on the latest news. His blog has been a perfect case study in analyzing SEO and holding Wix’s feet to the fire and all of the other contestants.

We wish him luck and look forward to seeing him win. By the way, he has already publicly stated he is donating the winnings to charity. Check out his site and follow him on Twitter as he comes into the final stretch.

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