Let your friends know how they can help

For everyone who has ever started up their own company, one of the first things you do is tell everyone about your new business. Inevitably you will always hear the same reply from friend and family. “Let me know how I can help.”

You would think this wouldn’t catch you by surprise and yet a flood of things enter your mind.

  • Some customers would be nice.
  • How about a loan for a new vehicle?
  • Do you know anyone that has 2,000 square feet of storage for low cost?

But you don’t say any of that because you want to make it seem like you have everything covered. Instead most business owners curtly reply, “Thanks, I’ll keep that in mind.” And then the moment passes. After all, you don’t want to burden others with big things and the small things, well you may not really be sure just yet.

What you need to do is be prepared the next time someone says that. It doesn’t matter if this was two days or two years ago. You have an army of volunteers just waiting to give you a hand and I know just what they can do that is easy and will provide benefit. Since this is a marketing blog, you can just imagine what these tasks will relate to.

  • Invite your Facebook friends to Like my Facebook business page
  • Leave me a review
  • Add a blog post to your company website

Leave it up to them. They can do one or all of them. Just how obtrusive would this feel? Hey, they are the one that offered. These tasks take very little time and can give a nice kickstart to your online marketing efforts. My biggest recommendation is to get all of these set up and create some text for an email. That way when they ask the question, you can say, “yes, there are a couple of simple things you can help with. Thank you for asking. Mind if I shoot you a quick email?” Or whatever wording you find appropriate for the moment.

Have your friends invite their friends to like your page

Facebook page likes do not carry the marketing value that they once did since the company has pushed toward paid advertising. But it is still no reason to have a profile with 3 likes. There is marketing gold to be found but for right now, we just need ten of your friends to invite their friends if they are willing. Here is a link for you and them to learn how to do this very easily. Invite Friends

Leave a review online

Whether they are on Facebook, a big fan of Yelp! or have a Gmail account, there are plenty of ways for them to leave a review. This can have a strong impact on your marketing so they are always welcome. You don’t want them to pretend to be your customer especially considering you may have just recently launched your business.

But they may have been customers with a former employer or possibly worked with you and know the quality you provided others. Just tell them to be honest if they feel comfortable in doing so. Most people know how to leave a review but we want to make this all very easy for them. Create links in this outreach email to your Yelp?, Google My Business account or whichever online profiles matter to you.

So as an example:

My Yelp Review Link

My Google Review Link

If you are having trouble with the Google link, here is a tutorial.

How to Create a Google Review Link

Click here to get the step by step written instructions

Have them provide a write up on their blog

For those especially good friends, then there is a tremendous amount of value that comes from a write up on a company blog. It is a strong testimonial and for SEO, this can be an invaluable backlink to your website if they link to you in the content. You are asking for a couple hundred words so this is often the one that will cause some hesitation. If they are not sure what to write, tell them to make a list of five businesses they know in the area that they would recommend. This oftentimes makes it easier.

If they are asking the question, now you at least have a response. Now it is your job to not be aggrieved if they do not follow through. Some will and some won’t. But be sure to express your appreciation to those who do.