Lessons Learned From Facebook Marketing

If your entire marketing plan is dependent upon one way of being able to deliver leads to drive sales, sell product, whatever the case may be then you are holding your business hostage to other platforms.

Years ago Facebook allowed business pages to show up in the news feeds of personal accounts that liked their page. Every time they posted they had as much opportunity to show in the feed as your best friend. This was fantastic and it was a nice, free way to market through social media. Then one day Facebook shut all of that down. They just turned off the faucet and these businesses that were relying upon this traffic to drive business awareness woke up one morning to find and their entire marketing model had crashed.

Facebook told them in order for you to turn it back on you have to go ahead and buy advertisement through us. I see similar situations now and Instagram is a perfect example (BTW, they are owned by Facebook). A lot of these individuals who are out there now have set up business Instagram accounts and gaining a lot of benefit from free exposure.

This is something you want to keep in mind. Instagram allows businesses to go ahead and work their platform just the way that people used to work the platform of Facebook years ago and all it takes is for one day that same scenario to play out. Instagram has the right to one day in the future have all business accounts pay in order to be seen.

Diversify Your Marketing Strategy

Now I don’t want to pick up on Facebook, I’m talking about multiple platforms. Google is well known to make drastic changes to their organic algorithm. So if all of you are relying upon is search engine optimization you could find out one day that your high traffic website can go down to hundreds if not tens of visits just because they updated their algorithm.

Even Google Ads makes major changes once in a while. Not too long ago, rehab centers we barred from running ads. Talk about a huge shift for an industry that relied heavily on that traffic.

It can just be a very risky proposition if you place reliance on one media or ad space for the bulk of your marketing efforts. No business should put themselves in this position.

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