Setting Up an Online Store Does Not Have to be Expensive

Click and Mortar refers to the idea of having a physical store location(s) and also having a way for people to buy online. Smaller retail stores often think it is not worthwhile to have ecommerce on their website. This idea couldn’t be further from the truth.

First of all, let’s get the cost out of the way. Shopify, WooCommerce for WordPress, Ebay and even Amazon have given retail shops the ability to sell online at an affordable price. Shopify can run for $30 per month. Sorry, can’t use this as an excuse. Others can be different monthly fees or a percentage of the sales.

Second, the integration with your site does not have to be complex. A simple link to your Amazon or Ebay store is easy as it gets. You can even build your entire website on Shopify or BigCommerce. Or keep them as a second website and link to those as well. There are far too many options to list here.

Third, the management of these sites has become very easy. If you can manage your existing website, then these other platforms are a piece of cake. They have all learned over the years, the way to attract small business is to make their systems intuitive.

Sometimes People Want to Buy from You

Everyone gets caught up in the whole term “ecommerce”. It does not mean you have to compete on a national scale and drop your price as low as possible with an ad campaign to drive sales.

In certain cases it is as simple as some consumers like to buy from a local store. Other people may have confidence that you won’t get the order wrong. It could also be some of the added value such as ordering online from my local hardware store and finalizing the purchase so I can pick it up easily on the way home knowing you have it set aside for me.

In other instances, you might be down the street and you will deliver it to my home and I don’t have to try and process the order giving you my credit card over the phone. There are some consumers that trust you only carry quality products and choose you as their go-to grill store.

The point is that you want to be able to let people shop the way they prefer. This is not only an option for your customers but it does offer the added advantage that new people may start buying from you as well.

“Let people shop the way they want”