Your Blog Can Drive Lots Of Qualified Traffic For Your Website

For websites that put time and effort into their Blog, they often find that their top psts will drive more traffic to their website than even their own home page. That is because for the most part your main pages are describing the products and/or services that you provide. And they should.

But most blogs are answering questions. Because of this, the search engines often find that users type on more educational or utilitarian questions and blogs happen to be the most abundant source for these answers.

Before I get off topic, it is a good idea to point out tht a solid Call To Action for your blogs should in fact be the Page that is most uniquely related to the question that is being answered by the blog. Your service or product page may not get as much organic traffic, but they are still meant to be the highest converting pages on your website.

How to Develop a Blogging Stratey for Your Website

  1. Determine Your Objectives
  2. Develop a Theme for Your Readers
  3. Research All Of The Questions You Are Going To Answer
  4. Put a Lot of Effort into Writing
  5. Share Everywhere

Determine Your Objectives

“Well, to get more sales, duh…”

Dounds simple enough. But what is your sales process? And who are you writing for? Your Call To Actions need to make sense when you get people to your site as well as your offereings. Just because you know how to do origamy doesn’t mean you should put it on your calligraphy services website. Yes, they both involve paper and art. But there are far better topics relating to your craft that will bring in better qualified visitors.

Knowing that most people who are looking for calligraphy are people looking to get married, definitely focuses us on who we are writing for. And since so many people usually have little knowledge about the topic, it is easy to find lots of questions to be answered.

Develop A Theme For Your Readers

If you want people to establish trust in your offerings, then you want them to stay on your website as long as you can before they make decision. What I mean by this is that is people will tke action when they are comfotable enough. If your website has not brought them to that comfort level, they may end up on someone elses website when you have already gotten them 75% of the way there in answering their questions.

It is not that we don’t want visitors to make a decision immediately and buy off the sie or rech out to contact you. It is that most people nowadays do their reseach and if you don’t give them a reason to stay on your site, they are likely to find their way to someone else.

If you have developed an underlying theme to your blog content, then thy will likely be interested in other blogs you wrote. You just need to make sure it is in front of them as the next step. So you should definitely have a Call To Action for your main page, but an additional Call To Action can be considered another interesting Blog.

If they were interested in “The Most Popular Textured Paper for Wedding Invitations”, then they may also be interested in “Is Using Recycled Paper For Invitations Really Eco Friendly?”

Remember, their were 10 results on Page one of Google. The selected your topic for a reason. Because of that, there was something about your subject matter that caught their attention. So go with it.